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Laboratoire All'Phyt

Phytotherapy, a science recognized since 1986, offers natural solutions ability to prevent and relieve everyday ailments.

In 2009, western of France, Dominique Cholat created his own brand of complementary feed for Horses under the name Alliance Equine.

He has put his passion and experience for 30 years at the service of equine health.

With his passion and his experience with animals, Dominique Cholat is convinced that the environment and the environment in which they live is harmful to their development.

In 2012, meeting with a leading phytotherapy laboratory in Europe will allow us to offer innovative solutions in terms of natural active ingredients. Consumer awareness about the use of chemicals and the craze for natural products has been a major reflection in our development.

In 2017, creation of the All’Phyt laboratory in the Brittany region.

A site dedicated solely to researching the effectiveness of plants on animal health.

Our motivation, make All’Phyt a major player in Animal Health.

Products recognized and respected for their efficiency and performance.

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